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The Cloud

There are several factors to consider as you determine if a Cloud infrastructure or SaaS partnership is the best choice for some or all of your technology needs. Your specific needs, current situation, prior experience and future objectives will help you decide.

- Deployment experience: Has your organization been unusually slow in adapting to new technologies due to staff or budget constraints?

- Downtime: Is one of your primary objectives to eliminate the obstacles to unavailable systems?

- IT Staff: IS your IT staff stretched thin or unable to stay abreast of the latest technologies?

- Current Infrastructure: As you continue to evolve your business and operations technology, are you faced with a certain overhaul to your technology infrastructure?

- Optimization: Do you have the storage, bandwidth, security, encryption, etc. available to best connect your users and systems?

- Access: Is your workforce becoming more mobile or global, and requires access that is unavailable today?

- Budget/Timeline: Is your budget or timeline insufficient to accommodate a 6 to 12 month deployment process?

- Your specific needs: Is the solution that I require available?

NALPRO Business Solutions can help you determine the value of an on-premise or cloud-based ERP, CRM and Business Productivity Applications.