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Solutions - Process Manufacturing

The fast pace of the process manufacturing industry requires information at a moments’ notice. Traceability and conforming to industry regulations is very important.

By combining the needs of process based manufacturers with the needs of traditional discrete manufacturers NALPRO delivers a suite of manufacturing software tools for Mixed Mode Manufacturing. We can take your production process, with yields, lot control and scalability, marry them with discrete processes and then provide your organization with the unique tools you need to plan production in batches or lots. And once delivered we can track output to unique packaged products. Cost control, lot control, perpetual inventory management, MRP and capacity planning with shop floor reporting can all be provided with our solutions

How can NALPRO help process manufacturers?

Traceability and Inventory Management

- Perpetual Inventory management so levels of any product are known at any point in time
- Ability within minutes to lot trace any product
- With shelf life, the age of product is needed on a regular, if not daily basis

Productivity and Quality

- View yield information and labor productivity
- Measure quality of raw materials and finished goods by setting up your own tests
- Hold product so potential bad product does not leave the floor.


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