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NALPRO ERP Services and Solutions



1. Who is NALPRO Business Solutions?

We are an ERP, CRM and IT Services provider based in New Jersey that services a wide variety of customers in the New Jersey, New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut areas.  We provide proven solutions to growth, midsize and small enterprise clients who are evaluating a transition to a SAAS, hosted or on-premise solution.

2. Who are your primary customers?

We have a heavy emphasis on Professional Services, Manufacturing and Distribution clients. Our industry experts and successful projects enable us to provide great ROI and guaranteed satisfaction with our work.

3. What is the price of your ERP and CRM software?

The solutions NALPRO offers include products from Sage Software.  The solutions can scale from just a few users to 1000 + users. Each of these are purchased in a slightly different licensing model. Some of these products are installed on-site. Others are online or hosted . An online CRM solution can be delivered for as little as $50 per month per user. A SAAS / Hosted solution can be licensed for as little as $200 per month per user. A traditional on-premise solution with the best long-term ROI is a few thousand dollars per user plus implementation costs.

4. What is your hourly rate?

Our consulting rates are extremely competitive, but reflect the many years of each consultant's industry and technical experience. We will ensure our services are provided with a combination of the right expertise and cost.

5. What is the typical implementation timeframe of an ERP solution?

While the timeframe is highly dependent on a customer’s ability to transition to a new ERP solution, we have successfully helped customers begin using a new ERP system in just a few weeks. However, a fully integrated ERP solution for multiple companies in multiple locations could extend to several months. We can build a timeline and methodology to ensure your successful deployment.

6. What is the typical implementation timeframe of a CRM solution?

An online CRM solution can be implemented in as little as a few hours with great success. An on-premise CRM solution integrated with your ERP system, productivity software and email is a more involved project.

7. How do you support customers?

We have email and phone technical support provided by the same experts that assisted you with your implementation. Although we can be available anytime on-call, our typical support hours are from 8am to 6pm.

8. Will you provide a fixed fee implementation?

We are confident in our methodology and our experts. We will perform work on a time and materials basis as well for a fixed fee.

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