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Technology - Managed Services

NALPRO Business Solutions, in partnership with one of the largest managed service providers in the world, is pleased to announce our IZON System Monitoring solution. This represents another step in our continuing efforts to be a full service provider and offer our clients valuable services at a reasonable cost.

IZON System Monitoring is a managed service that allows our engineers to remotely and securely monitor, maintain and manage servers, desktops and network devices at your location over the internet. By having this constant monitoring almost all surprises regarding system performance are eliminated. Furthermore, troubleshooting potential problems can often be done remotely and outside business hours causing very little disruption to your business.

Our top service offering under IZON is a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers. This reasonably priced, all encompassing solution provides clients with near real time backups and also includes seamless off-site data storage along with multi-year archiving and standby server capabilities.

How it works:

•  Specialized agents are installed on each server that will be managed.
•  We send you a hardware device (NAS Unit) that can backup up to sixteen servers.
•  For each backup the data is securely transferred to two secure off-site facilities.
•  Using the agents our operations center performs 24x7 monitoring and management.

Remote Server Care (RSC)

This is a complete, 24x7 server monitoring, remediation, maintenance and management solution.

Operation center engineers monitor and troubleshoot server problems based on alerts and early warning information received from the specialized software application running on your servers.

Remote Server Care covers the following:
24x7 Monitoring
Antivirus Management
Backup Management
Patch Management
Service Pack Installation

Early warning and preventitive maintenance for:
Hardware (memory, disk, RAID and UPS)
Microsoft Windows Server
Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Small Business Server
Citrix Metaframe

The operation center engineers remotely access your system to troubleshoot and fix problems or potential problems before they become major issues.