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Solutions - Discrete Manufacturing

The competitive global nature of the manufacturing industry demands innovation, speed, and agility. The industry faces tough challenges: shorter product life cycles, unpredictable demand, rapid outsourcing and price erosion caused by fierce worldwide competition. To meet these challenges, manufacturers need a manufacturing approach to optimize their supply chain, enable complete real-time visibility with customers, partners, and suppliers, and reduce time-to-market.

NALPRO’s discrete manufacturing solutions help manufacturers make rapid, accurate decisions using real-time data from internal and external sources, to more effectively meet customer demands and lower costs.

How can NALPRO help discrete manufacturers?

Improve your supply chain
- Increase visibility throughout the value chain
- Track and manage your global inventory levels
- Make fast and accurate decisions with real-time data

Cut time-to-market
- Connect customer demand requirements directly to manufacturing, your suppliers, and distribution channels

- Shorten development cycles by integrating product development with manufacturing, finance, purchasing, and your suppliers

- Increase product innovation through collaboration with customers and suppliers

Enhance collaboration

- Speed product development with collaboration tools
- Integrate design with manufacturing systems
- Gather customer information and integrate it with decision making
- Take advantage of security-enhanced, Web-based products and technologies


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